Three museums to visit in Barcelona

30 October, 2011 0 comments

Art and culture. Barcelona is defined by its different areas and its squares and of course, by its museums. Among the most important ones are those dedicated to history and those art galleries with works by the most important artists in the world. Here, we are going to introduce you to three museums that you can’t miss during your stay in this city: Joan Miró was one of the most important painters and sculptors of his time. In Barcelona, the Miro Foundation is the only gallery that studies this artist in depth. In it you will be able to get to know the artist through his colourful paintings. We will find very famous paintings and sculptures in his particular imaginative world full of colour and surrealism. This museum is located in the mountain of Montjuic and opened in 1975. Up to now it is one of the most visited in the whole city. The foundation is investigating the works of Miro and in this museum, besides preserving his pieces, they organize presentations and events about the most avant-guard art tendencies. Other important museum is the Picasso Museum, that is among the top galleries by number of visitors because of its great importance. Located in a street in the area of Borne, in the old town, it is housed in a big manor house. Our third recommendation is Fundació Tàpies. Antoni Tàpies is another great contemporary artists, who is still alive and working. His works can be found all around the world. Tàpies’ surrealist and enigmatic art can be seen in this museum-foundation, situated in a modernist building in the Eixample in Calle Aragon, next to Paseo de Gràcia.