Night activities in Barcelona

23 January, 2012 0 comments

In the evening, Barcelona turns into a city full of culture and fun, with many different leisure activities to choose from. For instance, those who love sport can attend some sport shows that take place between 7pm and 8pm onwards. Seeing a Barcelona FC football match or a Regal Barça basketball match s always a great experience, but of course, try to book your tickets in advance. Attending one of these matches will allow you to see the stadiums from a privileged location. The Palau Blaugrana is a great sight full of people and a great atmosphere. The Monjuic Olympic Stadium also celebrates sport shows as well as other leisure activities like music concerts. The Palau Sant Jordi, nearby, also celebrates concerts. Do you like opera? If you do, you can go to Teatro del Liceu, it doesn’t just welcomes operas to its stage, but other shows like theatre, concerts, musicals and smaller operas for everybody. In Barcelona you will be able to enjoy the most famous musicals. You will find many of them in the best-known theatres in the Paralelo and now also in the dome of the new shopping centre of Las Arenas, where you can enjoy Grease at the moment. There are also some night tourist routes that you can follow on the tourist bus with specialized guides that will be able to tell you some exciting legends. Hurray for the magic of Barcelona!