Chestnut festival in the Poble Español

29 October, 2011 0 comments

The area of Poble Español, Spanish People, located in the mountain of Montjuic, has become this days the best place to celebrate the glory of chestnuts. In this fantastic area the whole family will be able to enjoy an intensive activity day, especially for children as they will be able to participate many different activities. Among the different surprises that they will discover here, the most important are the lady who will give chestnuts and other goodies o all of those who come over here. This “Castañera” or chestnut lady will be accompanied by “cabezudos”, people dressed up and wearing massive masks, hence the name “cabezudo” or “big head”. Together they will make sure visitors have fun all day with music and showmanship. From 10.30am the day starts with all sorts of activities for adults and children. The little ones will have the chance to participate in a gastronomical workshop in the area of Baluard to learn how to bake chestnut and sweet potato cakes, very traditional in Catalonia at this time of year. Also at 13.30 in Plaça Aragonesa, the chestnut lady will give away chestnuts to all of those who want to eat them. But the activities won’t finish here, because there will be music on the streets. It is also a good time to explore the famous area of Poble Español, an open-air museum with buildings representative of all the regions of Spain. This is a museum of all the most outstanding buildings in the whole of Spain. In Poble Español we will find a square from Zaragoza, a building from Toledo or a beautiful balcony from Andalucia. They also organize craft workshops because it is precisely there where the most important craft groups in the city are. It is high time to enjoy the chestnut festival in such an enigmatic city, Barcelona. It is also advisable to find accommodation in the centre of the city, from where you can easily access all the areas, and of course, we will select the Caledonian Hotel for our stay, because of its perfect location, its modern style and its services.