Cervantes Garden or the Rose Garden

25 September, 2011 0 comments

At the top of the city of Barcelona, otherwise known as the “Ciudad Condal”, in Avenida Diagonal, next to the University, there are some very beautiful parks. The Cervantes Park or as it is popularly known the “Rosaleda” or the Rose Garden is one of the most beautiful of the city. In this park we will find a great collection of roses brought over from many different countries in world. These flowers can be found all around the park and in the top area mixed in with other species. All the different rose plants have been labelled, explaining their name and the country they came from. The best time to visit the park is spring, because that’s when most roses open and brighten up the park with their fantastic colours. With more than 10,000 rose plants of about 2,000 different species and varieties offering more than 150,000 open flowers. Read full entry

The Festivities of “la Merce”

23 September, 2011 0 comments

People have taken to the party in Barcelona, from now until Sunday 25th of September the city is celebrating the festivities of la Mercè.

This event attracts every year many locals and tourists who take part in all the different activities. After the opening of the festivities with the presentation at the council of Barcelona, the party starts. The concerts of the BAM’s cycle will take place all over the city: in the Plaza del Rei, Plaza Reial and Plaza Cataluña among others. There will also be different events for children like games and activities also other gastronomical events.

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CosmoCaixa, the most enjoyable museum experience

13 September, 2011 0 comments

CosmoCaixa stands out as the most visited and prominent cultural and educational centre in the city. The Picasso Museum and the Barça Museum, with its myriads of visitors all year round, are not too far off. In this case, CosmoCaixa is located in the mountain of Tibidabo in a tall building that was extended and refurbished only a few years ago. It is a great place to visit with the whole family, it offers an impressive tour through science, nature and the origin of man. It’s a different way to learn science through many different fun activities. Even at the entrance you can see some surprising examples. Inside, you will be able to touch the different exhibits in the rooms, play, walk into a forest with several plant species… all of the activities have a purpose. This place is ideal if you have children because they love it. Read full entry

Frederic Mares Museum in Barcelona

23 August, 2011 0 comments

Frederic Mares, the founder of this museum was a sculptor, a historian and a professor. His collection includes pieces that all quite heterogeneous. It is the largest Hispanic sculpture exhibition from the 12th to 19th century. The entrance to the museum is through its courtyard, cool in summer and therefore perfect for a break during your visit to the Gothic Quarter during the summer months. Situated in Plaça de Sant Iu, 5 in the Gothic area of Barcelona, entering this museum is like entering the mind of an eccentric collector. The feel of its many rooms is that of eclecticism. The collector, Mares, went through times when he would obsess about one item and collect it compulsively. You can find entire rooms filled with umbrellas or pipes. Read full entry

The National Theatre of Catalonia

14 August, 2011 0 comments

Situated in Plaça de les Arts, 1, the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (National Theatre of Catalonia) opened on September 11, 1997. It opened with the play the Senyor Auca L’Esteve, written by Santiago Rusiñol, and considered a classic of Catalan Literature and theatre.

Ricardo Bofill designed the building that houses the National Theatre of Catalonia. The theatre is a complex structure consisting of two main wings. The main building is shaped like a Greek temple and houses the main hall of the theatre, with 900 seats, and another smaller one with seats for 400 spectators, as well as an additional area for other events. It comprises an area of 20,000 square meters supported by 26 columns. The second building has an area of 5,000 square meters. This area blendstradition and modernity. In this building we will find the area where the workshops take place, the Sala Tallers (Workshops Hall) with space for 300 people.

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National Art Museum of Catalonia

10 August, 2011 0 comments

The MNAC, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, located in the mountain of Montjuic, is an art gallery that has a complete collection of art works featuring works from all different periods.

The mountain of Montjuic has magnificent gardens and parks, buildings and museums that make it even more attractive. The museum is in a very attractive area, as the Fira de Barcelona is situated at the bottom and the Olympic ring and the fountains are near the top.

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