Christmas shows in Barcelona

19 December, 2011 0 comments

Christmas is everywhere, even if we try to avoid it, but it’s not all about eating and celebrating, it is now when most cities, including Barcelona, bring out the best performers to lighten up the mood.

Barcelona is not an exception, this month of December and the beginning of January until the official end of Christmas in Spain on the 6th of January is full of wonderful shows. From the 27 until the 30th of December the band Blackbirds will perform their black soul songs, with feelings of sadness, happiness and loneliness. All of this in Caixa Forum in Barcelona.

If you prefer the classics, the band Ma, me, mi, Mozart! will be performing life some of the all times favourites by the genius in the Barcelona Auditorium between the 28th and 29th December.

If you prefer something a bit more crazy and funny, go to see Per un instant, a show by La Tresca, where you will find aliens mixed with princesses, and funny bugs. All of this in Teatre de Barcelona, 27-30th December.

Or there is always the Festival de la Infancia, the Festival of Children, with many different activities for those little ones in the family. Something to do for the whole family in Fira de Barcelona from the 27th of December until the 4th of January.