Night clubbing in Barcelona

15 November, 2011 0 comments

Barcelona is well known for its exciting night life, and the great offer of clubs and pubs. However, be warned that Barcelona, as the rest of Spain, tends to do things later than in other countries. For instance, you can be still having your dinner at 11pm in a restaurant, leave at 12am and head straight to a club that is just opening. Public transport is also a great plus in this city as it runs very well and with very generous opening hours, on Saturdays theunderground is open all night, which makes things easier for those who love clubbing. One of these clubs is the Sutton Club, an exclusive disco where you will mix with the best dressed people of  Barcelona’s night. Tickets are 15 Euros, and it is situated in St Gervasi. Carrer de Tusset 13, just off the blue or green Metro line, Diagonal. For the summer Terrazza is a great way to enjoy music in the open air, it is also in a very quaint and interesting area of Barcelona, Poblet Espanyol. The only drawback is that it opens only between May and October every year. It is situated in Avda. Marquès de Comillas, on the red line, Plaça de Espanya, and ticket prices are 15 Euros. For these and many other clubs in Barcelona, Hotel Caledonian is situated in the perfect location, quite central so you can access as many different areas as possible.