Raval’s Festival of Culture

11 November, 2011 0 comments

The Raval’s Festival will take over the streets until the 13th of November in this fantastic area full of cultura and colour with an incredible amount of opportunities of enjoyment for everybody.

The diversity in el Raval is also one of the great attractions of the area. El Raval is a melting pot of different cultures come from all over the world which has given it its own personality and a unique culture. During the whole time the festival is on, going around the Raval you will see theatre, music, cinema and exhibitions.

The street will the stage where culture happens during this festival. There will be street markets, gastronomical workshops, “danzadores de paloteado” or “traditional dancers with sticks”, Bollywood dances, magic or even capoeira dancers from Brazil.

In the food front, “En TAPA’t en el Raval” is a scheme that will introduce different tapas for just 3 Euros in the different bars in the area.

The central point of the festivities will be the Rambla del Raval, where most of the events will take place. For instance, music concerts as well as children’s workshops. You can’t really miss the fun gymkhana of el Raval that will help you to get to know the area better.

On the other hand, if exhibitions are your cup of tea, we would suggest you visit the “Memoria Fotográfica del Raval”, just on for this festival, and where you will be able to enjoy images of the area and its people throughout its history.

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