Different Hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best destinations for your events, fairs and congresses. Some of the most important congresses in Europe take place in this city. During these events, the hotels in Barcelona are booked to 85% of their capacity, so it is a good idea to pre-book.  Fo instance, for the World Mobile Congress, the most important mobile telephone event in the world, the city is flooded by business men from the most prestigious companies in the world that need hotels in Barcelona. Because in this way they can attend the event easily, in Av. María Cristina, in Plaza España.

hotels in barcelona

The summer months are the right time to start checking the calendar of events and congresses that will take place in the city, so you can start thinking about what hotel to choose, like Hotel Caledonian. This hotel, unlike other hotels in Barcelona, is situated right in the centre, next to the university and not very far from the Barcelona Congress Centre.

This is not its only strong point, this hotel has it all, it’s modern, it’s got very good services, a beautiful architecture, it’s got the latest technology and everything you need for your event in this city. If you want to find out what places to visit, how to get to them and what excursions are available, ask the hotel staff, they will be more than happy to help.

Besides the Mobile Phone Congress, other key events like Construmat, Alimentaria,  Salón Náutico,  Brandery or the Urban Fashion Congress along with other important events turn the hotels in Barcelona into important protagonists of the life in the city and help them to be busy during the whole year. Enjoy a first-class service, because the hotels in Barcelona are among the best in Europe and businessmen will find what they need to relax and work comfortably.