Cervantes Garden or the Rose Garden

25 September, 2011 0 comments

At the top of the city of Barcelona, otherwise known as the “Ciudad Condal”, in Avenida Diagonal, next to the University, there are some very beautiful parks. The Cervantes Park or as it is popularly known the “Rosaleda” or the Rose Garden is one of the most beautiful of the city. In this park we will find a great collection of roses brought over from many different countries in world. These flowers can be found all around the park and in the top area mixed in with other species. All the different rose plants have been labelled, explaining their name and the country they came from. The best time to visit the park is spring, because that’s when most roses open and brighten up the park with their fantastic colours. With more than 10,000 rose plants of about 2,000 different species and varieties offering more than 150,000 open flowers. The park dresses as if for a party, with different colours and scents, it dresses in pink, red, yellow and white. A real “fiesta”. But this park is also an ideal place to relax. You can take a break sitting on the benches while we get to know more about the world of roses, walk around nature, running and exercising. Students are a common sight in the park, just coming to relax in between lessons. This park is one of those green lungs of the city in the midst surrounded by cars, buildings and offices. The park is also a research centre for roses, where since 2000 they have celebrated the International Contest of New Roses every May. An interesting event for flower and nature lovers. You can also visit other parks in the city from a hotel in the centre. From such a location you can also get to many of the local sites. That is why Hotel Caledonian offers the perfect location and first class services.