Original Museums in Barcelona

19 November, 2011 0 comments

Besides the usual and best-known suspects in Barcelona, there are other alternative museums and art galleries that we should also visit if we are visiting the city. We could start our tour by the Miba museum, a clear original one. It exhibits ideas and inventions of Barcelona. It is the private collection of an inventor who has gathered together some of the most avant-gard artifacts in the country, which will really make visitors leap into action. It is situated in Calle ciutat, in the the Gothic area of Barcelona. In the Borne area, you will find the Museo de la Xocolata or Chocolate Museum, which is really a temptation. This museum is especially designed for children, in its different rooms you will find all the information you need to know about the history of chocolate, as well as about the process of production and rooms where you will be able to see how it is roasted and prepared for sale, and some educational exhibitions. There is also a room with chocolate figurines that represent different real world art pieces like the Sagrada Familia, Ben-Hur’s chariot or Copito de Nive, Snow Flake, the white gorilla who lived in the zoo in Barcelona. Almost every big city has its very own wax museum, and Barcelona is not the exception. Its was museum is in a lane by the Ramblas in an old Palace that dates back to the 17th century. In its rooms you will meet characters that look real flesh and blood like Henry VIII or Lady Di. You could easily miss the Gaudi Museum, just by the entrance of Guell park, but it is a must-see as Gaudi lived there for a while and you will be able to visit some of the rooms where he spent part of his life. Other examples are the Sewage Museum – Museo de la Alcantarilla -, the Shoe Museum – el Museo de los Zapatos-, the Clothes Museum – el Museo de la Indumentaria -, or the Music Museum – el Museo de la Música-. All of them very interesting museums, and most of them around the centre, like the Caledonian Hotel, which is dieal for our stay in the city.