Theatres in Barcelona

16 November, 2011 0 comments

Barcelona is a city with entertainment aplenty thanks to all its theatres and concert halls. If you are in the city and want to enjoy what the night has to offer, we would advise you to visit some of the most important theatres. In these venues you will be able to enjoy all different types of shows, dance, musicals and other deeper plays.

A great part of these theatres are found in the centre, and therefore are quite easy to access from all over the city, especially if you are staying in a hotel in the area, like the Caledonian Hotel.

The Tivoli Theatre in calle Caspe, next to Paseo de Gracia, is one of the most outstanding ones. It is quaint with all its wooden decoration. It hosts often performance by the greatest of the show-business like the Spanish gypsy dancer Joaquin Cortés or many other theatre events.

The Coliseum, a former cinema, is a beautiful space that presents many different types of shows, including stand-up comedy like the Spanish comedians “Los Morancos” or performances by the great Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja.

The area of El Paralelo is the “arty” area in Barcelona. There is also the famous Molino, and you will find theatres with great history, like Victoria, Condal or Apolo that tend to fill up with outstanding muscials like: Grease, Hair, los 40, the Musical… and many other great performances.

A fantastic open-air theatre is the Grec Teatre in Munjuic, part of the Roman heritage left behind by the Romans in the old Barcino. It normally opens during summer, especially for the Greac Summer Festival, with classical plays. It´s always a great place to watch some theatre thanks to its great acoustics.

In the Ramblas, you will find the Club Capitol with two alternative stages especially dedicated to comedy. It was the place where the late comedian Pepe Rubianes used to perform, and for many it is still an honour to be allowed to perform here.